El Moncayo


Ingredients: Yerba Mate, ginko, regional herbs and spices (Tilo, Boldo, Carnicera, Carqueja, Manzanilla, Sarandí blanco, Arrayan, Menta, Cedrón, Sombra de Toro)


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El Moncayo” is one of the Uruguayan’s favourite mate tea brands. This type “compuesta” contains, along with the Yerba Mate without stems, a big variety of herbs and weeds that are typical for South America, for example: boldo, sarandí, quebracho, horseweed and lemon verbena. El Moncayo has a rather mild flavour but an intense aroma, thanks to its big variety of herbs. It is highly recommended for those who like mate tea with varied flavour and for those who want to try out something new.



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