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Bombilla Resorta INOX with a spring filter is one of the most popular models in the Un-Mate store. This is the highest quality bombilla for yerba mate. It has a twisted filter (end of the spring), which guarantees the best filtration among the models available on the market.

Bombilla was made of 18/8 INOX stainless steel, which ensures a very long life. It is decorated with two cooling rings in golden color. The spring filter guarantees easy drinking. This is a visually very interesting model, because in the middle of the tube it narrows and the bombilla becomes flat up to the mouthpiece.

Length : approx. 15.5 cm
Country of origin : Argentina
Material : stainless steel (INOX) RVS

made in South America

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Gewicht .1 kg
Afmetingen 15.5 × .5 × .5 cm