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Bombilla Romy INOX is a tube made of stainless steel with a very long life, so it will serve us for many years. Bombilla was decorated with a gold ring, and the filter is made of cuts in the tube. The filter made in this way copes well with yerba mate filtration, with a little practice it can handle even those finely ground.

Bombilla is distinguished by a slightly different method of performance, it is strongly flattened and cools the brew well during drinking. Its length will be suitable for most yerba mate dishes.

Length : approx. 16 cm
Country of origin : Argentina
Material : stainless steel (INOX)

Our offer includes only items made in South America. We do not sell Chinese or Polish substitutes. Decorative Bombilla

Extra informatie

Gewicht .1 g
Afmetingen .16 cm
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