Cruz de Malta 500 gram


Con palo
Traditionele mix sinds 1874

500 gram

Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate is an important brand in Argentina. It is a classical, high standard yerba mate, and is a bestseller. This original blend is with stems (con palos). Cruz de Malta yerba mate now boasts a new tri-laminated packet to keep the yerba fresher than ever before.

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Beautifully cut in the classical Argentine method — generous amounts of large stems and relatively low powder — there’s a natural light sweetness to leaven the bolder woody and soil notes. There’s nothing banal about this yerba. Fragrances of butter-smothered pancakes, fresh pine sawdust, manure, barnyard, and sap keep you guessing the direction of this eclectic yerba—the movement of taste and aroma is quite impressive.

Like strong green tea? Are you the sort of person that goes out of your way to try something totally outside the confines of convention? If so, Cruz may be for you. It’s the bad boy of the Misiones. The medium/full body is robust and unrefined, with a dank vegetal finish — think compost!

But be careful not to overheat or over-brew this temperamental mate; if the water is too hot, you’ll inflame those already-strong flavors and experience heavy smoke and tobacco, which may be overpowering for some. Try lower water temps around 165ºF/64ºC to better appreciate the illusive sweetness which makes this a truly bitter-sweet experience.

Chemical free, this yerba mate is 100% natural and clean.

Cruz de Malta is onderdeel van het Molinos concern.

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